The Altered Series

What would you do if it was possible to unlock your DNA and transform yourself? How would you remake yourself? What wouldn’t you do to those who stood in your way?

In  a not-too-distant future, society is even more divided than it  is now and the ‘new economy’ has left most of us behind. The world we know has been Altered and people look to Alter themselves. Tattoos and piercings are visible examples while the use of drugs and surgery to make ourselves more than what we are, has became common.

The first book in the series – Catalyst – was released in April, 2016. It follows Wyatt Millar as he discovers that an anomaly in his DNA has made him the target for some strange individuals.

The second book in the series – Betrayal – was released in October, 2016.  Wyatt has managed to stay in hiding with some of the Red Dogs for 3 years. Jessica is back and this time, he’s on the attack, using some old and new friends.

The conclusion of the series – Revolution – is scheduled for April (2017) release. The Zone is now under seige and the virus coursing through his veins is mutating. With Teri, he needs to find a way to save himself and his friends.

I’ll use this site to share information about coming books, I’ll add a sample chapter now and then and I have a couple little pieces about some of the more interesting characters that I will post as well.

That’s about it. I’m focused on writing the Altered series! The internet has enough cute stuff, angry stuff and cat fluff to continue on for millennia without my adding to the pile.

Cheers and happy reading,

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